Swarovski stones, extra elastic spangles, decorative borders.

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Items in connection with dance, sport, show for whom the impressive look is important.
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CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements
CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovski Elements

Swarovski Round Stones. (1 product)
Swarovski Round Stones.    

Swarovski Flat Backs No Hotfix (3 products)
Swarovski Flat Backs No Hotfix  

Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix (1 product)
Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix    

Swarovski Sew-on Stones (1 product)
Swarovski Sew-on Stones    

Swarovski Fancy Stones & Settings (1 product)
Swarovski Fancy Stones & Settings    

Swarovski Beads (1 product)
Swarovski Beads    

Swarovski Crystal Pearls (1 product)
Swarovski Crystal Pearls      

Swarovski Pendants (1 product)
Swarovski Pendants    

Swarovski Plastic Trimmings (1 product)
Swarovski Plastic Trimmings    

Swarovski Buttons (1 product)
Swarovski Buttons    

Swarovski Metal Trimmings (1 product)
Swarovski Metal Trimmings    

Swarovski Crystal Mesh (1 product)
Swarovski Crystal Mesh    

Swarovski Cupchains & Findings (1 product)
Swarovski Cupchains & Findings    

Swarovski Knobs, Handles & Co (1 product)
Swarovski Knobs, Handles & Co    

Swarovski Lighting Collection (1 product)
Swarovski Lighting Collection    

Accessories (1 product)

Silikon stras picker (1 product)
Silikon stras pickerSilikon stras picker    

Elastic sequin trims (17 products)
Elastic sequin trimsHolographic elastic sequin trim, 4 rows, 1,6Iridescent elastic seguintrim, 4 rows, 1,62 cm wide Sequin trimHolographic elastic sequin trim ,2 rows, 0.8Iridescent elastic seguintrim, 1 row, 0.6
Holographic elastic sequin trim, 0.6Elastic sequin trim, 1 cmIridescent elastic seguintrim, 2 rows, 0.8Iridescent elastic seguintrim, 3 rows, 1,2Holographic elastic sequin trim, 3 rows, 1,2

Sequin trims (4 products)
Sequin trimsSequin trim 11364Iridescent seguintrim 11810Sequin trim 4866Sequin trim 7746 

One row sequin - length for request (19 products)
One row sequin - length for requestElastic and prismatic sequin1 row 8 mm elastic cup sequin1 row plate shape1 row 6 mm elastic double color cup sequin1 row 6 mm elastic cup sequin
Elastic and prismatic sequin1 row 6 mm elastic iridescent cup sequin

Sequin in package (3 categories)
Sequin in package6 mm plate sequins10 mm plate sequinsPattern sequins  

(1 product)
Transparent zipper 40 cm open end    

(1 product)
Transparent zipper 55cm    

Decorate accessories (18 products)
Decorate accessoriesStrass RibbonStrassz Ribbon
Strassz RibbonStrass RibbonStrassz Ribbon

Trims (11 products)
TrimsTrim 1015Trim 5479Trim 1328Buttonhole trimTrim 4792
Trim 105886985 trimWolf-tooth twineTrim 6495Trim 5550

Transparent Tape (1 product)
Transparent TapeTransparent Tape    

Twine (5 products)
TwineDacoratring wineEmbroidered twine15 mm satin cover strapWolf-tooth twineEmbroidered twine/lurex

Beads (5 products)
BeadsSmall beadsStraw beadStraw beadStucked mock pearl 3 mmStucked mock pearl 4 mm

Strass Glu (1 product)
Strass Glu Bostik All Purpose Glu And Fix    

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