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New products (24 products)
New productsOneway elastic materialLeathershoes dyeRock & Roll Shoes
Acrobatic Rock & Roll ShoesClassic ChiffonLadies L/DON Practice Shoe

Latin, standard, sanior women dance shoe (28 products)
Latin, standard, sanior women dance shoeVictor Major Eliana latin dance shoesVictor Major Regina latin sandalFreed of London Satine latin sandalVictor Major Anita latin dance shoesVictor Major Noémi dance shoes
Freed of London Moonstone latin dance shoes  1 5/8Victor Major Cili latin sandalPaoul 107 latin dance shoesRita latin dance shoesFreed of London Laura latin sandal

Standard women shoes (3 products)
Standard women shoesFreed of London Rita standard shoesLadies competition  court shoe with  a strapFreed of London Harmony standard shoes  

Ladies Social Shoes (6 products)
Ladies Social ShoesClosed toe PU sandal with crossed strapsTanzanite dance shoesOpen waist PU court shoe with closed toeFreed of London Jade Latin Dance ShoesOpen waist PU court shoe with assimetric strap
The Sunstone is a black leather peep toe shoe with a diamante centrepiece and a simple ankle strap    

Latin man dance shoe (5 products)
Latin man dance shoeFreed of London F-latin flex dance shoes with cuban heelsVictor Major Flexi latin dance shoesVictor men´s latin dance shoesFreed of London Donnie-pro latin dance shoesPaoul 808 latin dance shoes

Men´s standard shoes. (5 products)
Men´s standard shoes.Freed of London Davis standard dance shoesFreed of London Gibson standard dance shoesOliver standard dance shoesKelly Mens Ballroom ShoesVictor Major Duo dance shoes

(2 products)
Freed of London MBP Standard Dance ShoesPaoul Standard patent dance shoes vn2   

Practic shoes (3 products)
Practic shoesFreed of London Women´s  teaching dance shoes 6-8 (UK) sizeLadies L/DON Practice ShoeFreed of London Women´s  teaching dance shoes 3-5,5 (UK) sizes  

Practic shoes (1 product)
Practic shoesLPSNKRO3R Dance Sneaker unisex Shoes    

Acrobatic Rock & Roll shoe (3 products)
 Acrobatic Rock & Roll shoeRock & Roll shoes from 10 to 1.5 (UK) sizesRock & Roll Shoes from 6-12Rock & Roll shoes from 2  

Acrobatic Rock & Roll shoe (2 products)
Acrobatic Rock & Roll shoeRock & Roll ShoesAcrobatic Rock & Roll Shoes   

Folk dance shoes (1 product)
Folk dance shoesCharacter shoes Freed of London Lbb2    

Balett Shoes. (8 products)
Balett Shoes.Grishko 03001 Ballet training shoesGrishko 03001 Ballet training shoesGrishko 03001 Ballet training shoesFreed of London Ballet practice shoesGrishko 03006 Ballet training shoes in 34-45 (EU) size
Grishko 03006 Ballet training shoes in 31-33 (EU) sizeGrishko 03006 Ballet training shoes for children in 24-30 (EU) sizeFreed of London Women´s  teaching dance shoes 6-8 (UK) size  

Ballet accessoire (5 products)
Ballet accessoireFreed of London Toe padsGrishko 1009B Silicone Pointe shoe padsFreed Attaching ribbonsGrishko Elastic ribbon for pointe shoeGrishko 1009A Silicone Pointe shoe pads

Silicone Strap (1 product)
Silicone StrapFreed of London Foot straps    

Dance Shoes Heel Protector. (41 products)
Dance Shoes Heel Protector.Shield Heel CoverHeel protector FPH GalaHeel protectorHeel protector Middle Flare FPH GalaHeel protector FPH Gala  HPR 38
Shield Heel CoverHeel protectorHeel protector FPH Gala HPR 25Ultra slim heel coverHeel protector FPH Gala  HPR 41

Dance Shoe Brush (1 product)
Dance Shoe Brush    

Shoe Bag. (1 product)
Shoe Bag.Shoe bag    

Shoe Polish (4 products)
Shoe PolishShoe cream 

Shoe Coloring (4 products)
Shoe ColoringLeathershoes dyeLeathershoes dyeLeathershoes dyeLeathershoes dye 

Textile dye, shoe dye (1 product)
Textile dye, shoe dyeDylon Cold water clothing dye    

(1 product)
Dylon Hot water clothing dye    

(2 products)
Grishko 03052 slippers alinaRG slippers   

Horsehair ribbons (22 products)
Horsehair ribbonsHorsehair ribbon 7cm widthHorsehair ribbon 10 cm widthHorsehair ribbon 45 mm widthSoft Horsehair Ribbon  4 cm width
Horsehair ribbon 14 mm widthHorsehair ribbon 38 mm widthHorsehair ribbon 27 mm widthHorsehair ribbon 25 mm widht

(1 product)
Gymnastic slippers    

(1 product)
Gymnastic slippers    

Aerobic-fitness shoes (1 product)
Aerobic-fitness shoesReebok 1475 princess aerobic shoes    

Balet Stockings (2 products)
Balet StockingsPridance 514/C Ultra Soft Convertible TightDanskin 607 Children tights    

Dance S (5 products)
Dance SFreed of London Fishnet TightsPridance 854/D Professional fishnet semless tight withthe insoleDanskin 351 Children aerobic tightsPridance 515 super resitant shimmery footed dance tight 40 den

(1 product)
3D Over boot opaque tigh 50  dem with comfort seam  and deep strap    

(25 products)
Venezia shiny lycra 140 gr/m2Melissa elastic lycra 90 gr/m2Bahamas elastic lycra 150 gr/m2Shiny neon lycra 190 gr/m2Vita matt neon lycra 190 gr/m2
Shiny lycra 170 gr/m2Matt neon lycra 190 gr/m2Lerici shiny neon lycra 190 gr/m2Intimate Light elastic lycra 100 gr/m2Sole D elastic material 240 gr/m2

(1 product)
Colorado Matt fitness, ballet dress material 190 gr/m2    

(4 products)
Chine Soft matte lycra 190 gr/m2Chine matte lycra 200 gr/m2Colorado Matt fitness, ballet dress material 190 gr/m2Chine Rock matte lycra 225 gr/m2 

(79 products)
Hawaii patternedFlower pattern sequinFlower pattern sequinPrinted pattern lycraFlower patterned
HololycraPrinted pattern lycraPrinted pattern lycraTiger-ocelot patternedFatigues patterned lycra

(13 products)
Stripped materialStripped lycraStripped materialRed white striped thin material
Stripped materialStripped materialStripped materialStripped material

(1 product)

(6 products)
Polka dot materialPolka dot materialPolka dot materialPolka dot materialPolka dot material
Polka dot material    

(1 product)

(1 product)

(1 product)

(11 products)
Lux lycraShiny Lycra
HololycraPatent leatherMetal shiny lycra

(2 products)
Mesh fabricMesh fabric   

(4 products)
Holo lycraHololycraHololycra 

(1 product)

(8 products)
Large hole stretch tulleElastic muslinSiviglia elastic muslin 85 gr/m2Power meshNeon Power mesh
Power meshPower meshPower mesh  

(13 products)
Oneway elastic tulleElastic tulleElastic tulleOne way elastic neon Elastic tulleElastic tulle
Elastic tulleOneway elastic materialElastic tulle with polka dotsElastic tulleElastic tulle

(4 products)

(7 products)
Glittery elastic tulleElastic tulleGlittery elastic tulleGlittery elastic tureGlittered tulle

(1 product)

(1 product)
Stretch Velvet    

(1 product)

(4 products)
Tulle laceRe-embroidered stretch laceelastic laceElastic lace 

(1 product)
Siviglia elastic muslin 85 gr/m2    

(1 product)
Starlight 80 gr/m2    

(7 products)
Fluorescent schiffonClassic ChiffonClassic ChiffonClassic ChiffonClassic Chiffon
Elastic muslinOneway elastic muslin   

(2 products)
Hombre chiffonHombre chiffon   

(3 products)
OrgansaSparkle crepon organzaSparkle organza  

Tüll (3 products)
TüllSoft tulleIllusion Tulle for DecorationMatt neon tulle  

(2 products)
Semisolid tulleFluorescent medium hardness for decorative tulle   

(2 products)
STIFF TULLEStiff tulle   

(1 product)
Stiff tulle    

Belly dance accessories (5 products)
Belly dance accessoriesGymnastic slippersCoin sequinBellydance coinBellydance coinRG slippers

Elastic sequin trims (17 products)
Elastic sequin trimsIridescent elastic seguintrim, 1 row, 0.62 cm wide Sequin trimIridescent elastic seguintrim, 4 rows, 1,6Holographic elastic sequin trim, 3 rows, 1,2Holographic elastic sequin trim ,2 rows, 0.8
Elastic sequin trim, 1 row, 0.6Elastic sequin, 4 rows, 1,6Holographic elastic sequin trim, 4 rows, 1,6Holographic elastic sequin trim, 0.6Elastic sequin trim, 3 rows, 1,2 wide

Sequin trims (4 products)
Sequin trimsSequin trim 11364Iridescent seguintrim 11810Sequin trim 4866Sequin trim 7746 

Trims (12 products)
TrimsTrim 4792Trim 11778Trim 54796985 trimTrim 1015
Trim 1328Trim 10588Trim 6495Trim 5550Buttonhole trim

Ribbons, twines (15 products)
Ribbons, twinesEmbroidered twineDacoratring wineRubber ribbon 2 cmRubber ribbon 1 inchRubber ribbon 2 inches
15 mm satin cover strapWolf-tooth twineRubber ribbon 4 inchesElastic ruber stripe

(2 products)

Tassels (10 products)

Fashion-Fix. (1 product)

(1 product)
Purax Pure Pads    

Cosmetics (2 products)
CosmeticsKryolan Eyelashes glueSupracolor   

Strass Glu (1 product)
Strass Glu Bostik All Purpose Glu And Fix    

(1 product)
Silikon stras picker    

Decorate accessories (21 products)
Decorate accessoriesStrassz RibbonStrassz RibbonStrass Ribbon
Strassz RibbonStrass Ribbon

Sequins, beads (16 products)
Sequins, beadsSequin 1 cm elastic, holographic1 row 8 mm elastic cup sequinStucked mock pearl 4 mm1 row 6 mm elastic double color cup sequinStraw bead
1 row 6 mm elastic neon plate shape sequinStraw bead1 row 6 mm elastic iridescent cup sequin1 row 6 mm elastic cup sequinSequin 1cm elastic

Feather, feather boa, feather fan (9 products)
Feather, feather boa, feather fanMarabou featherboaMarabou featherboaChandelle boaMarabou featherRoundshaped feathers
Ostrich featherOstrich featherboa 4 plyOstrich featherOstrich Plumes. 

(3 products)
Peacock feathersPeacock featherPeacock feathers  

(1 product)
Indian feather    

(1 product)
Cockfeather tassel    

(1 product)
Burnst coque / cock blinker/    

(1 product)

Fishbones (14 products)
FishbonesCasing for bonesFishbone 5x1,0 mmFishbone hoop clips 11 mmFishbone rigiline 3-mmFishbone hoop clips 5 mm
Fishbone rigiline 12-mmSpring fishboneSpring fishboneFishbone rigiline 8-mmSpring fishbone

Bra pads and accessories (11 products)
Bra pads and accessoriesCut and sew bra cup foamTriangle push up padTriangle push up padPush up padPush up cups
Triangle push up padFree Bra Adhesive StickerPush up padTriangle push up padPush up pad

Lace fan (1 product)
Lace fanFan    

CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements
CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovski Elements

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